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Driver error remains the number one cause of crashes involving cars and bicyclists/pedestrians, despite the fact that drivers have the most power to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place.

The drive2Bbetter Campaign is has been brought to life through the work of community-wide stakeholders who strive to improve safety for all road users – including pedestrians and bicyclists.

The initial phase of the campaign focuses on three desired driver behaviors: slowing down, scanning for pedestrians and bicyclists, and leaving at least 3 feet of space when following, driving beside or passing a bicyclist on the road. By following these three simple driving habits we can begin to reduce the nearly 1.3 crashes that happen each day in Rochester.

Our partners on the drive2Bbetter campaign include AARP, Center for Disability Rights, City of Rochester, City of Rochester Police Department, Common Ground Health, Genesee Transportation Council, Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Rochester, Monroe County Department of Health, Monroe County Department of Public Safety, MVP Healthcare, Reconnect Rochester, Regional Transit Service (RTS), Rochester Cycling Alliance, School 19 – Rochester City School District, United Way of Greater Rochester.

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