We recently met with Krystal Starks to learn about her experience interning at Causewave:

M: How did you first get involved with Causewave?
K: A counselor from DePaul was familiar with Causewave and encouraged me to apply for a graphic design internship. I am glad I did because I love working here. It's such a comfortable office and everyone sees and accepts me.

M: You have done a lot of design for us for various causes and programs. Of all the projects you have worked on, which would you say was your favorite?
K: This spring I designed a series of ads thanking Causewave supporters. It was my favorite because it involved many new challenges for me, so I really benefited from the experience. My second favorite was creating pieces for the Annual Celebration in May because I actually got to see what I created at the event, which made me so proud. 

M: Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
K: I was born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised in Chicago, Illinois. It was very interesting moving from South to North. I am more of a Southern person. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology because there is a deaf community where I could connect with both the hearing and the deaf world. I studied at RIT for six years and finished with two degrees, in graphic design and web development.

M: What would your dream job be?
K: After this internship, it's my dream to find a permanent position in graphic design or any media art technology. In this internship I'm working on gaining experience, so I can be ready to jump in as a professional designer. Please find me in LinkedIn and check out my recommendations!

M: What is something that the readers would be surprised to know about you?
K: I think some of my friends are surprised I know how to write code for websites (since I am a woman). Also, I normally talk with no voice when I'm using American Sign Language, which is pretty unusual.

- Interview with Marta Driscoll and Krystal Starks