On May 10th, Program Manager Elizabeth Murray and our partners at Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network traveled to Albany to meet with New York State Assembly members and advocate for four pieces of legislation that will increase the number of people enrolled in the NY organ donor registry. 

One priority this year was the extension of  "Lauren’s Law," an existing law that requires applicants at the DMV to answer the organ donor registry section of the application by either 1) choosing to enroll or 2) postponing their decision (in the past, the question could be skipped). In the first month after the original law went into effect, the percentage of people signing up at the DMV nearly doubled!

We are pleased to report that THREE of these four key pieces of legislation have now been passed by the NYS Assembly:  a 4-year extension of Lauren’s Law, which was scheduled to expire in October 2016; Young Adult Enrollment, allowing individuals aged 16 and older to enroll in the NYS Donate Life Registry; and the opportunity for residents to enroll through NY State's Online Health Insurance Marketplace.  We are hopeful that the remaining bill will be passed by the Assembly as well. 

Thanks to these legislative actions, people currently on the organ donation waiting list will have a greater chance of receiving a life-saving transplant!