When someone in need receives an organ, not only is their wait over—their new life can begin.  To an organ recipient, a donor is the Greatest Person Never Known. 

Organ donors can save up to eight people and impact countless more. Unfortunately, many people awaiting transplants live limited lives or die while on the waiting list.  Although a majority of people hold a positive view of organ donation, many have not take the step of joining the organ donor registry.

With our partners at the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network, the Pass Life On campaign encourages everyone to live life to the fullest and then help others to do the same by enrolling as an organ donor.  The campaign also urges people to learn the facts about organ donation and talk to loved ones about their last wishes.  

Our partners on the Pass Life On campaign include the University of Rochester Medical Center, National Kidney Foundation, Rochester Regional Health System, Lions Eye Bank at Rochester (formerly Rochester/Finger Lakes Eye & Tissue Bank), Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Transplant Awareness Organization of Greater Rochester. Creative development of this campaign was donated by Brand Cool.

Visit passlifeon.org to join the organ donor registry.