Thanks to grant funding, Causewave can offer capacity building grants to nonprofits in Yates County to help address a variety of issues and projects. These funds are available to offset the cost of Causewave services.

Common Projects Include: 

  • Building staff and board consensus around the organization's mission, vision and brand

  • Strengthening boards of directors

  • Increasing awareness and participation in programs

  • Developing strategic plans to guide organizational decision-making

  • Unifying cultures of merging organizations

  • Aligning programs with core values

  • Making the most of leadership changes / succession planning

  • Researching the perceptions of key stakeholders

  • Planning and executing mission-driven events

  • Developing fundraising plans

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible?

Yates County coalitions, foundations, community organizations or nonprofits.

Do we need to apply?

We ask interested organizations and programs to fill out this short questionnaire. Your responses help us ensure we allocate funding to nonprofit partners eligible for our funders' requirement. Grant funding is limited and is applied on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Is it a cash grant? Can it cover capacity needs like new equipment or software? 

It is not a cash grant. The grant funding is available to cover the cost of Causewave services to organizations that might not otherwise be able to fund these types of projects.

What costs are involved?

In keeping with our funder's expectations, these grants require some financial investment from nonprofit partners. Generally, grant funding covers 75% of the total cost of a program.  Costs are based on the scope of the project and time investment from Causewave. 

Are there any restrictions based on the size of our organization? 

Yates County coalitions, foundations, community organizations and nonprofits with a budget under $2M are automatically eligible. For organizations with larger budgets, we ask for a brief statement explaining financial need in the eligibility questionnaire below. 

When is this funding available and when will the projects actually begin?

If you're interested, we encourage your organization to reach out as soon as possible, as funding is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The dollars are available immediately, and the actual timeframe of the work will be determined later with a Causewave staff member.

What's our next step?

If you are ready to get started, please fill out the questionnaire posted below. Please contact with any questions or to learn more.