You can invest in community change

Learn how you can invest in community change, through donations, volunteering, or in-kind gifts.


You can invest in community change

Learn how you can invest in community change, through donations, volunteering, or in-kind gifts.


Without the generosity of this community — the passionate people and organizations who donate time, talent, and treasure — we wouldn’t have the resources to address so many pressing issues facing Rochester today. Please consider supporting Causewave Community Partners. Your contribution is an investment in the wide range of causes we’re working on as part of the larger movement for a truly greater Rochester. 

"Albert Einstein once said that logic will get you from A to Z, but imagination will get you everywhere. Causewave Community Partners has proven that for decades—by coming up with creative solutions for our community’s toughest problems. I donate to the W. B. Potter Society not just because it is a tribute to their founder, but because I am proud to be a part of a group that uses its imagination and knows how to solve problems."

Jack Kraushaar

W. B. Potter Society Chair, Lantern Award Winner ‘89, Legacy Award Winner ‘08, Volunteer 1984-present

"I recently made a significant contribution to Causewave Community Partners, designating a portion to the Every Minute Matters campaign to improve early grade attendance. The donation was given in memory of my brother, T.J. who was an intelligent, good man with wonderful friends. But he died of illnesses resulting from ongoing substance abuse. T.J. lacked an essential element of hope—something money cannot buy. Here in the Greater Rochester area we are surrounded by tough problems and encounter many who lack hope. I donate to Causewave Community Partners because they are addressing these tough problems and I know I am investing in hope."

Nancy J. Farrell

W. B. Potter Society Member, Chairman's Award Winner '15, Volunteer 2012-present

In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind Gifts


Each year, Causewave Community Partners gives people the opportunity to donate their time and talents to make a huge difference on an issue they care about in our community. Last year alone, Causewave Community Partners received over $1 million in donated in-kind time and services from hundreds of individuals and organizations, ranging from photography, copywriting, legal services, advocacy, public relations, product donations, advertising, space/studio donations, market research and much more.

Contact Beth Hershel at if you or your organization wants to make a difference by doing what you do best.


"As an individual, Causewave Community Partners gives me the ability to work on a diverse mix of really meaningful issues. I love that I can channel my time and creativity through one organization and make a big difference in the community."

Andrew Soucier, Freelancer/Owner, Soucier Design

Provides design, art direction and copywriting support to Causewave Community Partners and many other nonprofit organizations at a rate lower than his cost.


"At Roberts Communications, we’re not just an ad agency, we seek to make measurable change happen. Causewave Community Partners is well aligned with that philosophy–change is in their DNA. Our team is energized by and proud of the work we do to support many issues through Causewave, allowing us to do the most good with our resources."

Katrina Busch, President, Roberts Communications

Roberts Communications has provided strategy and creative services to many projects and currently supports the “Let’s Make Lead History” and “Yeah, You’re THAT Distracting” efforts.


"By supporting Causewave Community Partners, Dunkin’ Donuts is able to help hundreds of nonprofits across the region address complex problems and more effectively meet their missions. That leads to a more vibrant and healthy community–the type of community Dunkin’ wants to do business in."

Abbey Celeste, Associate Field Marketing Manager WNY, Dunkin’ Donuts

Makes annual donation of coffee and gift cards to Causewave Community Partner’s free program for nonprofits, Coffee and Consult, which serves more than 50 organizations per year.





Each year, Causewave Community Partners works with more than 200 nonprofits to strengthen their organizations so they can be more effective in strengthening our community. But we can’t do it alone – we need you and your expertise!

Contact Micaela Allen if you want to make a difference by volunteering your time and talents.

"So often as creatives we feel semi-removed from the work we do once it's out in the world, even with all of the metrics and measurements of effectiveness and reach and response that go into each campaign. Sometimes we don't see the impact that we do make as part of the larger whole. To make a difference in the life of even one person is tremendously humbling, and serves as a profound reminder of how fortunate I am. I am grateful for and proud of everyone who had a hand in this. And for the opportunity to be a part of it."

Matt Smythe, Communications Director, American Fly Fishing Trade Association

Creative Development of Early Help Seeking Campaign

"Somebody once told me to 'use my power for good.' I’ve taken that to heart in nearly everything I do. Causewave Community Partners provides an opportunity for marketing professionals to give back by helping nonprofits in our community develop and expand their marketing programs. In doing so, I’ve met some truly wonderful people along the way and had experiences I would not have otherwise had. I have gained so much more than I’ve given."

Theresa Brigandi, Account Manager, IN Tradeshows & Events

Pass Life On Campaign, Strategic Roundtables

"I’ve always had a passion for helping others accomplish meaningful results, which I’m lucky I get to do every day in my profession. But I want that in my personal life too, which is why I’m a volunteer and donor of Causewave Community Partners. They are an organization that is really helping to make a difference in Rochester."

James Farley, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

W. B. Potter Society Member, Spark Award Winner '14, Events Committee, Strategic Roundtables, Hosted Third Party Fundraisers

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